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Digital patient experience

VirtReal by Mobiddiction is all about using Virtual Reality (VR) to assist and improve peoples lives. From creating dynamic virtual conferences to helping palliative care patients with immersive experiences including a large content library and custom designed simplified gaming experience powered by our platform Mobiconnect.

VirtReal Patient VR

Mobiddiction have built a “first of its kind” VirtReal digital Virtual Reality (VR) patient experience experience designed for use with the end patient and a fluid flexible user experience.

Made for VR

The VirtReal App is a custom designed simplified gaming experience with key patient conditions and an ever-growing 360º content library.

Taking it further

The tool is now being developed to cater to a broader set of specific patient issues in mind for other areas such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Kids with severe illness, motor neurone disease, paralysis, and a few other health conditions.

Case Study

Virtual Reality to enrich lives on patients in Palliative Care

In consultation and assistance of a few experts and community organisations we worked on an application for trial at the Palliative Ward at the Nepean Hospital. We partnered with Our Community Cares (OCC), a local Penrith, community funded charity that assists the local community providing comfort goods to those who need it who sponsored Oculus Meta Quest 2 headsets for use at the palliative care.

Case Study

World first under water global summit REEF 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the world and businesses are unable to catch up with their teams, share new product features, engage with global teams normally done as part of yearly sales conferences, senior leadership, annual events or product launches.