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How does this work?

Power your sales conferences, corporate events, summits and expo’s, award nights, executive workshops, product launches with this world first “virtual reality” powered platform.

Back in the physical world human beings were able to get out, it was normal to meet and network at corporate events. It was all about the theme, the physical venue, the pomp..the glitz…the glamour and whether it was an end of year recognition conference for your internal staff, or a night to engage your customers with an industry Awards night it was all about creating an experience one remembers for a long time!

Variety of amazing features for your virt-real event. It’s like being there!

Real Locations

Virtual Features

Theme Library (VR)

Global Teams

Multiple Time Zones



Live Pic Gallery





24 X 7 Event Support

Production Room

Events Manager



Live Q&A


Networking Rooms

Twitter Wall

Rewards & Offers

Event Resources

Awards Night

When a webinar is just not enough.

Businesses have got onto using several digital platforms and working from home has become a norm. It’s great that we have tools such as Zoom conferences or able to create a hangout Google Meet for continuing business engagements online. There are also quite a few bespoke webinar style platforms too available that helps with online conference style events for speakers, discussions and to present slides to an audience.

But reality is that this does not work for your yearly sales conference, or that fancy awards night which you are unable to go ahead with due to COVID19.

Hence, we at Mobiddiction took this as a challenge and created a world first VR enabled virtual reality summit style platform for such events and programs. Yes, drum rolls included!

User Journey

Speak to us about how you can use this mixed reality technology for your event. It is a world first and most likely the very first time your attendees will experience this. Go on, book a demo with our awesome team we can’t wait to show off what we’ve got and discuss your event.

The Pre-conference theme is VR ready and works on Desktop and Mobile. The platform is easy to use as our workflow for your presentations integrates with Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Google Meet or DA-Cast.


Our platform is a mix of digital and the real world, hence the name “Virt-Real”. Just like you would book a venue for your event, we’ve taken it a bit further by extending it to outdoors, indoor or some unique theme settings for your “virt-real” event.

This is not a “drag your logo here” style labelling your next event as a “virtual event” program but a VR enabled real-life 360º themed platform. You can choose from our ready library as a backdrop theme for your event, we even have the capability to custom build a virtual experience for you in a real-world scene setting.