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How it works

Let’s admit.

Virtual Conferences are boring.

Give your attendees a grand welcome experience with our world first VR-Powered “Virt-Real” Technology and choose from the many rooms for your conference or event.

The current COVID19 global situation is not helping where travel is restricted, networking is not possible, people are zoooomed out and there are just enough ways to deliver an engaging online experience.


VR Bus Tour


Pick your conference rooms from our theme library.


Choose the features you need.


Give your attendees a VR-Enabled pre-conference experience


It’s show-time. Your online conference begins!


Virtual Conference

Show the 360º Panaroma views while your present. Live Chat, Photo Gallery, Q&A, live polling, Twitter timeline, resources, ability to publish offers.

You can create multiple rooms for different streams. For example, start off with a kick-off in the foyer and move onto the keynote session by Hyde Park. Move onto the backyard for the “team-ignition” session, hang out by Bondi Beach for the unwind session and the breath-taking harbour by night view for the Awards night.

Speak to us for a demo. It’s virt-real. The next best thing than being there!

There are a lot of positives. Saving time, money and the hassle are the just the start.

Deliver a never-before engaging event online for your brand or business. Save time and costs on your venue. Fully hosted and managed for you. Speak to us about custom themes for your next ‘Virt-real’ powered event.

Your attendees are continually kept updated with emails comms throughout the conference. Users are able to live-chat with each other and yes emoji’s included!

Go on. Make your next event a virt-real experience.
A world first technology.