VirtReal powered “Journey to Sydney” global SDR 2020 event.

Like many other events, the physical Global Sales Development summit was cancelled this year due to COVID19. Genesys was looking to create an interactive, fun, engaging, and impactful virtual event experience for our Sales Development Reps. A webinar or a zoom call would not do.

When you can’t meet physically, go VirtReal!

Lukau Director, Global Sales Development Training & Enablement at Genesys was asked to spearhead the change to a virtual conference. The question in Lukau’s mind was “How was I going to top our past physical events virtually, while making the content just as impactful?”

Lukau had three overall objectives to provide the team with a memorable experience, relevant content packed with key takeaways, and leave them feeling refreshed, inspired, and ready to exceed targets for the second half.
Genesys wanted to follow the Sun approach with it being a Global Event with:

  • Keynotes – Live and Recorded
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Live Panels
  • Videos with facilitators
  • Gamification/Prizes through out
  • Live Chat / Polls / Q&A
  • Awards Night

Mobiddiction’s VirtTeal technology and platform ticked all the boxes and were given this opportunity to host the virtual SDR event on our “VirtReal” technology. Being a world first, our team was very excited to be able to deliver this amazing feature rich virtual event for Genesys.

Journey to Sydney

We started off with an idea to come up with new themes based on our VR 360º enabled platform for the conferences including a Truly Australian Farm Stay theme, a second option we planned was to use a popular vineyard in the Hunter Valley region or a Sports club. But all that was not nearly as exciting when we presented the “Sydney Bus Tour” experience and created a conference backdrop with vantage points in and around Sydney with the conference theme being “Journey to Sydney”.

The team at Mobiddiction came up the “Journey to Sydney” theme and created visual elements which made it a very special event for Genesys SDRs attending event.  The idea was to give conference attendees a pre-conference bus-tour of Sydney which was VR enabled, worked on desktop and mobile with no app download or jumping hoops needed.

What an incredible Kick Off for the Sales Development VirtReal Summit at Genesys . This year, we took our team into a virtual platform in Sydney with the general sessions taking place with Sydney Harbour Bridge as the backdrop. Our SDRs could take a virtual bus tour around the major city sights with their Genesys virtual headsets.

Carl PriceVice President, Global Sales Development

We talked about how best to prioritize our leads, leverage intent with best practice outbound strategies, incorporating video into our prospecting and included a fantastic keynote from Alex Banayan to help motivate our global, talented team

Carl PriceVice President, Global Sales Development

Pre-conference and the bus tour

The Genesys Global SDRs were sent a Sydney in a box package which brought Sydney to them! In 3 days the team got to experience Sydney virtually, content from industry thought leaders and peers, and a motivating keynote from Alex Banayan! The swag pack included conference themed lanyards, VR lens to experience the bus-tour literally taking a bus-tour to travel to the conference venue learning about the historical facts about Sydney along the way in VR right from their homes.

An opening introduction video floating by the harbour bridge welcomed the attendees to the Conference, virtually before the start of the online event kick off. The conference was held across time zones over 4 calendar days. The agenda was a fully packed lineup with speaker presentations, slide decks, videos live cast and hosted.

Audience engagement included Q&A, Bingo, Fireside chats with speakers, Twitter wall and the audience sending in photos to go on the conference virtual photo gallery. The event was fully hosted and supported by the events production team at Mobiddiction – GENESYS SDR 2020 wrapped up with a glittering Awards night with the world’s best harbour and opera house views as the backdrop.

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