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Welcome to VIRT-REAL

A world first virtual reality online event platform.
When a webinar is just not enough.

No sales conference this year?
Thinking of cancelling that awards night?
No end of year grand customer experience summit?

COVID19 travel restrictions, social distancing and the lack of physical venues does not mean you can’t have amazing online events. So, read on before you cancel that grand event.

Not that long ago in the physical world human beings were free  and were able to get out and about, it was normal to meet and network at events.

There was a plethora of venues, themes you could choose from and it was all about the theme, pomp..glitz…the glamour and whether it was an end of year recognition conference for your internal staff, or a night to engage your customers with an industry Awards night it was all about creating an experience one remembers for a long time!

Unfortunately, the current COVID19 global situation is not helping where travel is restricted, networking is not possible, people are zoooomed out and there are just not enough ways to deliver an engaging online experience.

We thought about this too, and have come up with a platform that still uses physical venues but in the virtual space giving your event attendees a “virt-real” experience. It also includes a world first virtual reality experience. Interested?


Give your attendees a grand welcome experience with our world first VR-Powered “Virt-Real” Technology and choose from the many rooms for your conference or event.

VR enabled welcome

Multiple 360° venues

Works across devices

Network & Live chat

Q&A, Polls & Offers

Social Gallery & Twitter

The Platform

Case Studies

Nepean Hospital

Nepean Hospital

May 16, 2023

Journey to Sydney” global SDR 2020

Journey to Sydney” global SDR 2020

August 12, 2021

SDR Reef 2021

SDR Reef 2021

May 17, 2021

There are a lot of positives. Saving time, money and the hassle are the just the start.

Deliver a never-before engaging event online for your brand or business. Save time and costs on your venue. Fully hosted and managed for you. Speak to us about custom themes for your next ‘Virt-real’ powered event.

Thanks to the City of Sydney for their support.